Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Very Colorful Nail How To

So I was bored yesterday and did another cheetha pattern on my nails :) What do you ladies think?

How to: I first took a very sheer pink polish with sparkles in it.
Then I took 4 diffrent nail polish colors and mixed them all around my nail ( I used a yellow, red, teal, and green)
Finally I took a black nail pen and outlined the colors

Alot of steps I know, but perfect to do on a rainy day :)


  1. Oh my goodness! you are very talented ;) your nails look great, I wish I was that patient about doing my nails lol
    PS thanks for stopping by to comment♥

  2. I love it!! Very fun and colorful.

  3. Wow !

    I would never have the patience to wait for the nail polish to dry before applying the next layer, so this won't be a look I'll be doing in the near future...

    I just stumbled across your blog. Come visit me at pug-a-licious and maybe we can follow each other!

  4. WOW!! love love love.. dont tink i could do that!! got some talent


  5. love your nails super funky


  6. This is adorable! I could never do something so nice, I suck with nail design! :)

    Fabulous blog doll, keep up the good work!


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