Saturday, August 27, 2011

Makeup Organization

How I Organize My Makeup

First thing I want to talk about is a holder for my hair dryer and curling irons. I got this red stand from Amazon for under $30 bucks. It holds 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small curling iron, and a blow dryer as well. 

Next thing is a makeup brush holder I got from Sephora online (I dont think they sell the big one anymore, but they have a smaller one for 20 dollars). I just added beads at a craft store. 

Another thing I do for my mascara, eye liner, blush, ect.. is I got two pencil holders from the dollar store. Everything fits in it perfectly and for only 1 dollar a piece! 

Lastly I got this at the dollar store as well to hold my nail polish! 

How Do you girls organize your makeup? 


  1. I don't have much makeup but i nailed a nail to my wall next to my desk, then pocked the nail head through a straw basket.

    Now i have a cute little shelf for my makeup witch is really easy to get to.

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  3. Easy, just go to Cutest Blog On The block

  4. LMFAO...I organize mine on a chair. ahahas. -.-
    You organize yours so pretty!.

  5. lol If I did that I would not have makeup, because my dog would think they were his toys :-)

  6. I organize mine in those plastic drawer containers that you can purchase almost everywhere (I got mine from Big Lots). I'll have to post about it =)

  7. wow love your ironing/curling rod holder! nice organization of your makeup!

    im following u now, would love if u follow back:)


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