Monday, October 17, 2011

The right blush for your skintone

Finding the right shade of blush makes you look healthy and radiant! Here are some tips based on your skintone.

* Fair Skin - If you have yellow undertones in your skin go for a peachy shade. If you have a cool complextions with bluish undertones go for a soft pink.

* Medium Skin - For day use a deep golden pink and at night pump it up with a apricot blush.

* Dark Skin - Rich plum or bright fushsia really pop aganist your skin.

whats your favorite blush?


  1. Great Tips! I cant wait until winter so I can wear blush! With my tanned skin now it is hard for my blush to show, but soon I will be paler and it will show up haha. Love your tips :)

    ♥ M

  2. Great tips! I usually go for a soft pink shade. :)

    xx Jessica

  3. Quick helpful tips! Great post :)

  4. all of the above, i love creating my own shade by combining different shades.

  5. I mix and match as much as I can! Usually I take what I'm in the mood for! But great post!


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