Friday, September 30, 2011

September Favorites

September just flew by! On to my favorite month :) Here are some of my favs for September.

Victoria Secret Sexy Little Things VIXEN
This is a very sheer sparkling body podwer. I use it on my legs, arms, and chest, this is great for a night out on the town.

Biosilk Silk Therapy
Its a leave in treatment that repairs, smooths, and protect hair. I use this on my ends right out of the shower, also makes your hair shiny.

Lush Sugar Babe Scrub
I got this one because it is great for sensitve skin ( get sugar scrub, it you have normal skin) I use this 2 times a week. You  cant beat the price of under 6 bucks. A tip on making it last longer is to crumble it up and place it in a tin.

Benefit's Erase Paste
love this spot on concealer, nice coverage.

Trim's nail file
I got this at Target for a great price. Dont do your manicures without it! Its very easy to handle and has four sides.  Even out, smooth nail, buff nail, and shine nail.


  1. That VS powder looks so pretty!!! Awesome post :)

  2. Victoria's Secret had the Vixen line 75% off over the summer during their Semi-Annual Clarence.

  3. I have the same nail file, it's awesome! :)

  4. These all look so lovely! Really want to get my hands on that powder.

  5. I love VS beauty products, surprisingly enough they're really super awesome! I've been dying to try lush products. There's a lush store just down the broad street line from school and I haven't getting there yet but I will soon. That scrub will probably be on my list of things to get!

  6. Such a nice haul! :) I love this trim nail file thing! Have one at home and it's really awesome.

  7. I've been tempted to try the Erase Paste, and the nail file thing is awesome.
    I am a new follower, feel free to check out my blog and follow if you like.

  8. Thank you for checking out my blog. I got the same nail file in Target a few months back and I absolutely love it as well, I feel that if I buff my nails, every few manicures it prevents my nails from yellowing and makes my manicure last longer!


  9. yihaaa! Love sparkle powders!!!! So if you get tired of it, I can take care of it ;)!!!
    And I've tried the sugar scrub from Lush, it's amazing. it's like you're rubbing the scent (or flavour) into your skin! M-m-m!

  10. Ah, i love Benefit's Erase Paste! :) One of my favorite concealers!

  11. I have heard so much about the Benefit's Erase Paste i might have to give this a try :) does it crease?


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