Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everyone hates them! I'm here to talk about pimples

So this will sum up my skincare tips of September, but dont worry for the month of October is all about your face :) Foundation, cheeks, ect...

Anywhoo on to some tips! 

Stress is a key factor in acne! Here are some ways in dealing with mild/ moderate acne:

Cleaners...... look for one that is oil free and noncomedogenic. Make sure to advoid anything that will dry out your skin.

Moisturizers.......You need a oil free one that contains salicylic acid and retinol. Together they loosen clogged pores and trains your skin to shed dead cells propely.

Spot Treatments..... Get one with 10% benzoyl peroxide and 2% salicylic acid. They are the strongest you can get without a RX! Make sure to dab it with a q-tip, so you dont spread bacteria. 

   Hide your pimple.....Wrap a ice cube in a tissue and place it on your zip for a minnute, any longer then a minnute and it will cause redness. Then use a spot treatment before you use your concealer.

what's your favorite spot on products?


  1. Thanks for the tips!! I've had a major breakout under my chin, and I want to prevent it from ever happening again!!!

  2. Oh zits. They haunt me. Thankfully when I became an adult I started to take better care of my skin and they have definitely improved! :D Great post!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I was lucky that I never really had spots when I was younger (I got the odd big one on the end of my nose or chin), but these days I keep breaking out! Pay back time I guess ha ha :0)

  4. I love Clearasil products! they usually work really well on my skin!!


  5. These are very helpful tips :D thanks for sharing!
    I love your background! Awesome blog :)

  6. Great post !
    I've had some real trouble with my skin, I'm sure it's because of my stress levels.. I saw this facial treatment tip somewhere:

    You need:
    1 egg, eggwhite and yolk separated
    2 cups
    something to whisk the egg parts with (I used a fork)

    Cleanse your face before applying anything on it (a light scrub is even better). Whisk the eggwhite and apply it on your face. It's impossible to spread it thin, so it'll look gross. Wear the lovely eggwhite mask for 15 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.
    Whisk the yolk and apply it on your face, keep it for about 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water.
    Worked for me, my skin was a lot more even and really beautiful afterwards. It looked (and felt) a bit gross though, so you might want to do this alone...

    Thanks so much for stopping by :)

    I have a new outfit post. Come check it out !


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