Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jewerly Display DIY

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you a piece my husband and I made cheap.

I dont know about you but if my jewerly was in a drawer I'd forget about what i own.

So we came up with this pretty display! Products you will need are: picture frames, hooks, scrapbook paper, picture wire, and jewerly.

Every easy and fun to make' let me know what you all think, or send me a pic if you decide to make your own!


  1. Love! This is a great idea. I followed ;)

  2. How clever! Especially if one is lacking storage space!

  3. Great idea , and it looks so cute !
    I'm going to try to do that in my room

  4. Love your display it's so pretty!! I have to do something like this to keep my little girls from messing with my stuff! They;ve broken a lot of earrings lately on me!! Great blog thanks for stopping by mine!!

  5. love this idea! i'm definitely going to consider something similiar :) xx


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