Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tips On Applying Your Foundation

Here are a couple of tips on how to apply your foundation.

Clean fingers give you the most natural effect because the warmth of your hands helps to melt right into your skin. Its best to use your fingers on cream and liquid foundations.

Sponges are good for providing you with more coverage and are best used for cream to podwer or thicker liquid foundations. Remember to tap not rub the base into your face for a even finish.

Foundation brush gives you a velvety finish, because you are literally painting it on. This is ideal if your going for a polished look.

Camouflage tip: You need a concealer with yellow or green undertones, for tackling redness of a zit.

The foundation that I use and lovvvee is Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear. Its very sheer, and blends right in my skin for a flawless look. It has 18hr shine free, with SPF of 15!

What Method of tool do you use to apply your foundation? Mine would have to be my foundation brush from Sigma.


  1. I love to use my fingers to apply my foundation, but I do change it up from time to time and use my beauty blender. For my concealer I use a small concealer brush and then spread with my ring finger so it blends a little better into my face.

  2. Great post!
    xo Jenn

  3. Great post. I have a foundation brush but I don't use it much. I'd rather use my fingers to apply it. :)

  4. its annoying when people say its "unhygienic" to use your fingers to apply your foundation. its so much easier and gives better coverage then using a foundation brush. I do feel like i need to invest in a stippling brush though, any recommendations?

  5. Good advice!! :D I usually apply my foundation with my fingers *cough* because I'm lazy to use a brush*cough*.

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  7. i love using sponge to apply my foundation...but most of the time i use my fingers coz im too lazy!!! hehehehe!

  8. What a great post! I use Illamasqua's foundation brush whenever I use a lighter foundation and with creamy and thicker foundations I use Illamasqua's blush brush no. 1! This brush is absolutely perfect to buff it in into the skin and since the brush is synthetical it's so much more easy to clean and not to mention cruelty free ;)

  9. Thanks for this great post !

    I use Christian Dior's foundation (Nude). It's quite liquid, so I apply it with my fingers. My aesthetitian said that I should use a sponge, but I think it makes my skin look really uneven (and ugly). :/



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