Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oils For Your Health

Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to talk to you ladies about oils that are good for your health.

Eucalyptus Oil - Use this oil when you are congested. It works by it acts as a expectorant that helps clear mucus.

Peppermint Oil - Use this if you have a headache. Peppermint contains menthol, that is a natural anesthetic that dulls pain receptors.

Jasmine Oil - Need a mood boost? Research has shown that Jasmine acts as a natural antidepressant when messaged into skin. It is also helps with focus too.

Lavender Oil - Use this when your felling stressed out. Lavender is thought to calm the nervous system. It also relieves sore muscles.

Tea Tree Oil - You this to battle breakouts. It has antimicrobial and works to help minimize the bacteria that is responsible for pimples. Tree oil also helps with dandruff.

Clove-bud Oil - Use this when you have a mouth sore or toothache. It contains eugenol which is a analgesic and antibacterial.
Have you ladies ever tried any of these oils??


  1. i own all these oils, i love them all!
    great post ;-)

  2. WOW who knew great post hun.. I love lavender oil I got some from Bath and Body works!
    And thanks so much for your comment and feedback on my blog.. I love reading them..

    Have a great weekend hun Blessings

  3. This was really interesting, tea-tree oil is like a holy grail product for me haha!

    I found your blog from Ariel at :)

    I've followed you, check out my blog? :)


  4. I'm a die hard fan of tea tree oil - it helps me with pretty much everything.

  5. I love this post! Thanks for posting about this!

  6. Great post! I love Lavender oil, helps me chill out. :)

    xx Jessica

  7. Great post! I love Tea Tree oil for zapping zits!

  8. great post. oil of oregano is a cure-all for cold symptoms.


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