Monday, September 12, 2011

Pet Flea Protection review

Pet Amor flea control review:

I wanted to do a review on this because well I was waisting my money on Frontline lol. I first saw the commercials for this flea protection, and thought why not try something new and MUCH cheaper. I have been using this on my dog for 3 months now and I can tell you it works! I bought mine at Target for 25.99, it comes with a 3 month supply. Trust me it works, I live in Florida where bugs are really bad.
What brand of flea protection do you use?


  1. great blog now following :)
    xo Jenn

  2. hello! :)
    i made you a banner haha
    it was quite fun.. i gather you are quite bold when it comes to fashion so everything is more of on the edgy side.

    i did my best to incorporate all that you wanted :) hope ya like! <3


  3. Nice! That's such a better deal. The vet I take my dog to charges SO MUCH MONEY for everything! I've only used frontline on my pup when I needed to. For some reason where I live I've never had a problem with fleas. But I'll have to try Pet Armor if my dog gets them!


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